This project was inspired by Mikki Willis’s video about unity.

The declaration is brandless and faceless by design. We don’t need recognition. Our mission is for freedom organizations, groups, influencers, and individuals to remember we have the same goal…to defeat the globalist agenda! If we spent less energy infighting and more energy collaborating, empowering each other and brainstorming new ideas…WE WILL DEFEAT THEM!

Some well-meaning people with influence are unintentionally doing the work of our enemy by spreading unsubstantiated claims and planting seeds of doubt within our community. This hurts our movement, stalls our progress, and could be the demise of our pushback… UNLESS WE STOP IT NOW!

As Mikki says in the video, “While the use of infiltrators and agitators is a very real thing, I’ve yet to experience one scenario where such a label was accurately applied. Suspiciously these labels are always branded on the people making the most progress”. If there is undeniable proof and a public service announcement is your duty, that is a different story.

So many genuine freedom-loving organizations, groups, and individuals around the world agree with this shared mission and want to see infighting to stop. How great would it be to have a directory of all of them in one place? Well… it’s finally here!

How will this declaration help the freedom movement or encourage unity?

What is a violation and how can I report it?

Are you controlled opposition trying to collect our data?

What will you do with our data?

If you’re not making money or glory, why bother?